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Case Study: Martin County Expansion Project (2004)

Due to the south Florida location and high winds that occur during hurricanes, structural design considerations were critical to this 22-cell fiberglass cooling tower. Of equal importance was the thermal performance, which, when tested by a CTI licensed agency, was found to be greater than 100% of design.

Located in Indiantown, Florida, this 1,100 MW combined cycle plant was placed into commercial operation in 2005. It features four gas turbines, four steam turbines, and a single condenser and cooling tower

To meet the high wind requirements, this tower features twice the standard number of diagonal braces, extra heavy duty casing, windwalls, and partitions, and several other special design considerations.

This 22 cell Cooling Tower design met or exceeded the following criteria:

  • Design Duty:
    • 296,800 gpm
    • 105.2ºF hot water
    • 86.9ºF cold water
    • 81.1ºF inlet wet bulb
  • Thermal Performance - The tower was tested at over 100% by a CTI licensed test agency.
  • Structurally designed to withstand the hurricane force winds in south Florida.
  • Award through completion of construction was accomplished in approximately one year.
  • Onsite construction was completed in less than 5 months.